Why Inverness Capital is Better

Residential & Commercial Lending

Why Choose Inverness Capital

Inverness Capital provides a seamless and easy-to-navigate application process and generally offers lower mortgage rates than average. Whether you’re buying or refinancing a home, Inverness is committed to giving our customers home lending excellence. Our goal is to provide affordable loans with competitive rates. 

Here are a few other areas that make Inverness stand-out amongst the rest.

  • Most Competitive Pricing Available in the US (29 states) giving our clients the best pricing available.
  • Both personalized In-House Operations with the depth of dedicated United Wholesale Mortgage Operational Pods
  • Inverness works with the # 1 Wholesale Lender in the US giving us the ability to offer an array of loan products.
  • Fund numerous loan products including Conventional, VA, USDA and Jumbo with a Warehouse Line of Credit, a low-risk, efficient line of business that promotes competitive housing finance markets, lowers consumer costs, and supports safe and sound lending practices.
  • Top 10 Broker and Correspondent in the US with United Wholesale Mortgage (UWM)
  • Able to provide over 60 Broker Out / Non-Qualified Mortgage (QM) options that are home loans designed to help home buyers who can’t meet the strict criteria of a qualifying mortgage.
  • Diamond Status and Elite Pro Ranking with UWM which allows us preferred delivery dates and pricing to satisfy our clients’ schedules.
  • Numerous Program and Product Options
    • All Agency (FNMA, FHLMC & GNMA) – Conv., FHA, VA & USDA
    • 1st time Homebuyer Programs – Bond (Multi-state) and DPA (Multi-state)
    • Multiple Jumbo Options – up to $30 Million or more
    • DSCR (Debt Service Coverage Ratio) Non-QM – Investor Programs
    • Self-Employed – Bank Statement options
    • All-In ONE Loan – Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC)
    • One-Time Construction (OTC) Loans
    • Multiple Reverse Options – HECM (Fixed and Adjustable)
    • Commercial (CML) Loans
    • Bridge Loans & Vacant Land / Lot Loans – CML / Residential / Agriculture
    • Commercial (CML) Loans
    • Fixed Rate Seconds & HELOCS to tap equity on ALL Occupancies


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