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Positions We Are Currently Recruiting For:

  • Outside Mortgage Loan Originator
  • Branch Manager
  • Sales Manager


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  • Low Broker Fees: $750 Flat Broker Fee on Broker Deals and $750 Plus $295 Fee on Corr Deals.
  • We pay 1099: We Pay 1099 on loans closed in 1099 States (CA, AZ, TX, CO, FL, MI, VA), and we pay W2 on loans closed in W2 States. ***Example commission, Gross Commission $9,000 -$750 broker fee nets Loan Officer $8,250. If it’s a Corr deal, $9,000 minus $750 Minus $295 funding fee nets Loan Officer $7955. (Note… If the subject property is in a W2 state, there is a 90/10 split to help cover the cost of W2 Payroll, but with that in mind, we allow a P&L Offset to reduce your W2 Taxable payout).
  • Low-Interest Rates: As a Top Ten National broker, Xpert Offers one of the Lowest Broker Channel Rate sheets and one of the lowest Correspondent Channel rate sheets. Loan Officers have the flexibility to work both platforms. ***You have not seen anything until you have seen the power of a Correspondent Broker in action*****
  • Fast Payouts: 1099 Loans are paid the next Business Day, and W2 payouts are paid on the 15th and Last day of the month.
  • Licensed States: Licensed in 31 states and headed to 50. Do not allow a Geographical location to limit your ability to help borrowers.
  • 1-Day Underwriting and In-House Processing
  • Sound too good to be true? You owe it to yourself to discover why Xpert is one of the fastest growing Mortgage Brokers in the business.